Kidsxap Release 01/06/2019

Release Notes

Release Information

Release Date: 01/06/2019



This document contains the release notes for Kidsxap.

What’s New?

 A small gist to the changes


Web App side:

  • QIP is now added with year 2019 and 2020.
  • Scheduler would un-map the bookings for ceased enrolment.
  • Front-end changes to support Passcode request on Take attendance module.
  • Remove future bookings which are not invoiced when family is archived.
  • If there are booking within last 14 days without submitted session report the system would generate the session report and trigger an email.
  • Made changes to CWA forms according to the government guidelines.
  • Added enrolment end date reason.
  • Additional columns added on CCSS Enrolment details report (export to excel).
  • System is modified to allow multiple direct debit transaction.
  • Added aged debt report under other reports.
  • Added lock period report on business reports.

Mobile App side:

  • Remove passcode option on guardian app and staff app.
  • Staff app take attendance module would filter child when specific child is searched.
  • Allowing centres to hold the search by Service, Session, and Room.
  • Reset would only reset children and date.
  • Making it easier to take attendance room wise.


  • Fixed issue on edit / delete nappy change on statement to add reversal.
  • Fixed issue related to delete VARY session report.
  • Fixed staff and guardian app crash issues.
  • Fixed session time out issue on staff and guardian apps.
  • Fixed no internet issues fixed on staff and guardian apps.
  • Fixed the issue on Adding guardian from waiting list.
  • Fixed the export to excel issue on bookings menu.
  • Fixed the UI related issue on session report displaying fee.
  • Fixed issue related to Date of event from bookings page.
  • Fixed issues on Waiting List registration form.
  • Fixed issues on create program plan.
  • Fixed issues on learning observation.
  • Fixed issues on ACCS determination view child details
  • Fixed issue on displaying child name on once off payment

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