Kidsxap Release 02/03/2019

Release Notes

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Release Date: 02/03/2019



This document contains the release notes for Kidsxap.

What’s New?

 A small gist to the changes


Web App side:

  • Label changed for start date and end date on other reports to make it more user friendly.
  • Since DHS was passing CCS benefits more than fee, we made changes to the system to accommodate the CCS benefits which are more than the fee
  • Business report is made available on organisation level
  • Other reports are made available on organisation level
  • Business report to show the modified by and date details for deleted transactions
  • All the reports with family name and account name will have the direct link (hyperlink) to open the manage family page
  • Address and phone number validations are set according to the updated DHS standards
  • Enable system to automatically remove the created session reports which are not submitted to CCSS and not linked to any Booking (unwanted Session reports)
  • Allowing zero on parent entitlement for hours or percentage
  • Adding additional filtering options on newsletter – (Eg: All Users, All Guardian, All Active Guardians, All Inactive Guardians, All Archived Guardians, All Staff)
  • Allowing all active children on health and diet report
  • New changes in removing split booking where when the 1st split booking is removed then 2nd split does not get removed


Mobile App side:



  • Fixed the paging error on session subsidy.
  • Fixed the weather widget issue

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