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Release Date: 09/02/2018



This document contains the release notes for Kidsxap.

What’s New?

 A small gist to the changes


Web App side:

  • Export to Excel sheet available on Manage Family.
  • Child bond Summary is having additional column such as Children Name, Number of bookings within the selected period, Average booking fee.
  • Changed to sequence of Notes and Court order under Manage Families.
  • Bookings Tab will be showing the CCSS week number when the Enrolment is connected to the Bookings.
  • Additional Search fields such as Enrolment ID, Session report Start Date are allowed in CCSS interface-> Payments.
  • User is now able to export excel sheet on CCSS Payments.
  • Centre is now able to set up a frame to notify Cancellation of Casual booking, and Guardian will no longer able to delete the Casual booking, centre admin would receive an email when guardian request for cancellation.
  • Past IS Case claim can be exported to Excel Sheet.
  • Waiting list registration is enabled allowing the center admin to send waiting list invitation to guardian.
  • Once Off payment can be filtered using Account name or Child name.
  • Enrolments tab would show the Occurrence number in the table.
  • Organisation Admin level user is now able to view the ledger Account Balance Report.
  • Update Enrolment Status on Daily basis.
  • Print PDF on take attendance is fixed to display each room in separate pages.
  • Attendance (CCSS) is enabled with Query Session Report Subsidy which updates the statements.


Mobile App side:

  • Guardian App: Enabled print option on Statement.
  • Staff App: Edit option is now available on Activity manager.
  • Guardian App: Fixed the issue on receiving notification after logged out. Guardian will no longer receive notification if they are logged out.
  • Guardian App: Sign in and Sign Out notification will display the Booking date.


  • Fixed the rooms dropdown design issue.
  • Fixed the issue on Manual Direct debit date picker.
  • Fixed the issue on duplicate entries on child details.
  • Fixed issue on guardian Payment Profile.

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